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For many years, there have been a number of unusual webcams to view over the Net - The “Jenny” cam, The “Watch Corn Grow” cam, The “Fridge” cam, The “Watch Paint Dry” cam and The “Ashtray” webcam. Millions of Internet visitors, over the years, have logged onto these highly popular and slightly whacky cams which have given much enjoyment to many online visitors.

Now starting in March 2008, Internet webcam users will be able to view live, one of the worlds most unusual and riveting ever webcams, The “Watch Whisky Mature” cam.

Definitely one of the most unusual webcam ever operated over the World Wide Web.. - Live from the famous Scotch Whisky Distillery, on the Isle of Islay, the Bruichladdich Distillery in Scotland.

For the next ten years (3,653 days) sit back and watch this live streaming webcam overlooking a cask of X4 whisky, the world’s strongest whisky, maturing live in the Bonding store at the Bruichladdich Distillery.

Follow “day to day,” “hour by hour,” “minute by minute,” or even “second by second” by viewing the “Watch Whisky Mature” web cam.

Make this Watch Whisky Mature cam part of your life over the next 10 years by logging onto the webcam page 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or - at the very least why not every day! - to watch the whisky cask, of `perilous whisky` mature over the next 10 years.

Catch the pure excitement as you view the countdown to when this X4 Quadrupled distilled cask of Bruichladdich whisky finally matures, with an alcohol content of 92% by volume, and is finally launched onto the Scottish whisky marketplace.

Have a chance to win a personalised bottle of the X4 whisky, from this cask, in ten years time, when the Watch Whisky Mature cask is finally bottled and bottles will be available to be purchased. Surely the `Watch Whisky Mature` bottles of X4 Quadrupled whisky will be the most sought after ever and definitely a true collectors item for connoisseurs of Scotch whisky!

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